Beautiful Persian’s & Doll face Persian’s


Hello, And welcome to my site!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself I breed quality Persians for show and companions.

I am 41 years old and I am married to my best friend I have three wonderful children and three amazing step children there is never a dull moment around us we are truly blessed!

I own and run a transportation company running our flatbeds 48 states, while also  homeschooling our daughter who is in third grade she is eight years old.

My husband is a computer engineer/software programmer and we have a check-cashing system in liquor stores around the country.

I am now Pursuing my dream to raise quality persian’s to help make every house a home.

I do offer extremely flat faced Persian’s as well as doll face Persian’s I do have two extremely small girls which are called teacup Persian’s.

All of my babies go to pet homes which means they will not come with CFA registration although sometimes I will make the exception to a show home with limitations.

Thanks for Visiting!!

My Beautiful Daisy she is my daughters honestly..                     Only mine when I’m in the kitchen.